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Our story

Vasundhara Mantri, professional jewellery designer, is one of the very few professional bench jewelers in Kolkata who qualifies to create jewellery by her own hands. She has undergone training at The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), New York.

Vasundhara has also done a course in the Basic Principles of Design And Colour Theory at the American Inter Continental University, London. She completed her high school from Modern High School for girls, Kolkata.

Her jewellery creations bring together the trends and fashion of different worlds, synchronizing Indian, European and American ideas. The result is an alloyed beauty - a fusion of art & craft.

Vasundhara’s unique selling point is her inimitable style. They have a powerful and unique flavour. A collection of earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets and watches of semi precious stones, set in silver, make up the range of jewellery. There is a range of very affordable regular wear earrings. The other category of earrings can easily be judged to be ‘real’ jewellery consisting of precious stones, but instead, is set in zircons, polkis and pearls. The designs though traditional, are given a hint of modern feel by the usage of stones and by using different techniques, like filigree work.

The affordable and traditional jewellery is complemented by a range of very funky long earrings also with different coloured stones for a single pair. The most common stones seen are turquoise, rose quartz, peridots, citrines, amethysts and lapis lazuli.

Vasundhara has experimented with textured metals to create an entire different assortment of jewellery. The collection incorporates the usage of enamel, and meshes made of pearls & other coloured stones and chains. The rings are mostly fancy cocktail rings. Funky pendants employ unusual stones and settings. The bracelets are usually chunky. The designer makes Jewellery by order too, according to individual client needs.

The combination of plain metal and silver with semi-precious colored stones are set in different designs and styles, each ornament a pleasure to wear, which adds joy to every occasion. The impeccable setting and detailed craftsmanship reflected in each piece enhances the beauty of the collection.

Each piece is painstakingly designed to capture the mood & spirit of the occasion.
With her unique designs and fresh approach, Vasundhara has re-shaped the landscape of the semi-precious jewellery market in India and pioneered a niche segment for such jewellery which is now fast becoming the epicentre of vigorous activity and growth.

She has designed jewellery for the renowned actress Priyanka Chopra, for the film Don (2006) as well as for Madhur Bhandarkar’s film Fashion (2008).

She is one of only 15 women worldwide to be awarded The International Women Entrepreneurial Challenge Award 2009, La Caixa, which is a joint venture of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and The FICCI Ladies Organisation.

Vasundhara is a member of the Fashion Design Council of India.

Vasundhara is a member of EO (Entrepreneur’s Organisation), Kolkata Chapter.